A picnic is similar in service level to a low staff delivery.  We plan on cooking on site, setting up a self service buffet and have waitress staff to assist in clearing plates.  In case of inclement weather it's possible we would need to cook at our facility in advance.  

All picnics include 1.5 hours serving time, disposable plates, forks, knives, and napkins.  We add a 15% gratuity to all services for staff.    Please inquire about a picnic style wedding., there is typically more staff and time involved.

Value picnic - Easy to build on

Potato chips, Potato Salad, Our four bean Baked Beans, Hot Dogs, buns, Hamburgers, buns, condiments - $7.50 per person    

Sandwich style picnic

Potato chips, Fresh Vegetables with dip, Potato Salad, Our four bean Baked Beans, Hamburgers, buns, condiments, Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast - $9.75 per person    

BBQ picnic

Potato chips, Fresh Vegetables with dip, Potato Salad, Our four bean Baked Beans, Hot dogs, buns, condiments, Pulled pork, buns, BBQ Chicken - $11.00 per person   

Count requirements

Prices are based on 150 guests or more.  If your event is less than 150, please see the increments listed below. 
100-149 will add $0.75 per person 
75-99 people add $1.25 per person 
50-74 people add $2.00 per person 
35-49 people add $3.00 per person 

Picnic Options

These are items that be added to any buffet, or substituted for an item of the same price range.  We are happy to make a custom picnic quote.

Sliced cheese - $0.25 per person 
Sliced cheese, lettuce and sliced tomatoes - $0.75 per person 
Potato Chips - $.60 per person 
Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Pasta Salad or Cole Slaw - $1.00 per person 
Fresh Vegetables with dip - $1.50 per person 
Fresh Fruit Salad - $1.50 per person 
Corn on the cob - $1.50 per person
Baked Macaroni and Cheese - $1.75 per person 

Hot Dogs, buns - $1.00 per person 
Nathan’s All beef 1/6th lb hot dogs - $1.75 per person
1/4# Hamburgers, buns - $1.50 per person 
1/3# Hamburgers, buns - $2.00 per person
1/2# Hamburgers, buns - $2.50 per person 
     Add cheese for $0.25 per person 
     Add lettuce, tomatoes and cheese for $0.75 per person 
Italian Sausage, buns - $1.75 per person 
Pulled Pork, buns - $2.00 per person 
BBQ grilled Chicken (legs, breasts, thighs and wings) - $1.50 per person 
Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast, buns - $1.75 per person 
Shredded Ox Beef, buns - $2.25 per person 
Beef Brisket - $3.25 per person 
BBQ Ribs - $3.25 per person 

Assorted Cookies - $1.00 per person 
Brownies - $1.00 per person 
Assorted sweet tray - $1.00 per person
Watermelon Spears - $.75 per person 
Sheet Cakes - $.75 per person 

Lemonade - $1.25 per person
Iced Tea, lemons - $0.75 per person 
Sweet Tea, lemons - $1.25 per person
Fruit Punch - $1.25 per person 
Assorted soft drinks during buffet - $1.50 per person 
Assorted soft drinks up to five hours - $2.25 per person

Other items available on request!