Cheese Cubes and Crackers                         $1.25 per person 

Fresh Vegetables with dip                             $1.50 per person 

Relish Tray                                                       $1.25 per person 

Mini Egg Rolls                                                  $1.50 per person 

Mini Quiche                                                      $1.25 per person 

Meatballs in sauce                                           $1.00 per person 

Swedish Meatballs                                           $1.25 per person 

Italian Sausage with peppers and onions    $1.00 per person 

Miniature Sandwiches                                     $2.00 per person 

Mashed potato bar                                          $2.50 per person             

-sour cream, onions, bacon bits, shredded cheese, butter, gravy 

Chicken wings with sauces                            $2.50 per person 

Chicken on a Skewer with sauces                $2.00 per person 

Chicken Fingers with sauces                         $2.00 per person 

Chicken Nuggets with sauces                       $1.50 per person 

Stuffed Mushrooms                                       $2.00 per person 

Fresh Fruit in a Carved Watermelon           $1.50 per person 

Fruit Kabobs                                                    $2.00 per person 

Fresh Fruit Tree                                               $3.50 per person 

Cocktail Shrimp with sauce  $3.75 per person (five per person) 

Celery filled with cream cheese                   $1.25 per person 

Trail Bologna Wedges                                    $1.25 per person 

Sauerkraut Balls                                             $1.25 per person 

Breaded Mushrooms                                    $1.50 per person 

Mini BBQ Wieners                                          $1.00 per person

 Wieners wrapped in blanket                       $2.00 per person 

Crackers topped with cheese and shrimp   $1.50 per person 

Mini Cheese Cakes                                         $2.00 per person 

Asst’d cookies                                                 $1.00 per person 

Petit Fors                                                         $1.00 per person 

Asst’d sweet trays                                          $1.50 per person 

To add china Plates                                       $0.70 per person

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These are called Hors D'oeurves if you're fancy.  Great for snacking on ahead of a reception, typically around an hour of service.  You must include four or more items for these prices.  Please inquire about an appetizer only buffet.   A 15% gratuity is added to any appetizers.